What are the different logo types?

December 3, 2015 Branding, Logos

Let’s talk logos! What kind of logo do you have or want? What are the different logo types? Which is best for you?


Symbol or Icon

Symbol or icon logos represent your organization in a straightforward and striking manner. The image is usually abstract and stylized. Symbol or icon logos are easy to remember, recognizable in alternate versions, and well-suited to large companies and organizations.



A wordmark is a text logo that spells out the organization name, often using a custom font.

Lettermark Group


Lettermark logos are exclusively typographic. They use an organization’s initials to create a symbol. Lettermark logos make sense for organizations whose full names are long, hard to spell or pronounce.


Combination Mark

Combination mark logos combine a wordmark and a symbol or icon. These are the most versatile logos. You’ll see the wordmark and the symbol or icon used together and separately.



An emblem logo incorporates the company or organization name into the design.

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