Working for Skidmutro … Seriously Creative. Seriously Fun.

You can sit back and relax … just don’t fall off your ball

  • Skidmutro operates in a casual, home-based setting where you can be yourself. You can even sit on a ball instead of a chair. It’s your choice!
  • No suits or no high heels required. You’ll work next to a warm fireplace in the winter and can wear flip flops and a t-shirt in the summer.

Free drinks!

  • Mini fridge in the office stocked with complimentary drinks. Complimentary snacks too!

Structure and freedom …

  • We provide specific to-dos, consistent feedback and management for each project.
  • You’re encouraged to develop creative solutions, but you are not thrown to the wolves to “figure it out yourself.”
  • We grant you the autonomy and space to live up to our expectations and run with the ball.
  • We provide technology, such as project management software, to help you succeed.
  • We follow standard business formalities, such as employee performance reviews and providing a detailed employee handbook, so expectations are clear.

Opportunities for professional growth

  • You’ll regularly be offered new responsibilities, new projects and new challenges.
  • We’ll ask for your input and listen to what you say.
  • You’ll be part of a team and integral to Skidmutro’s success.

Recognition and rewards

  • We acknowledge a job well done. From “thank you’s” to bonuses, you’ll be rewarded for your work.


  • Have a doctor’s appointment or need to run an important errand during the day? We’ll make accommodations when possible.

You’ll be heard

  • On a weekly basis, we’ll hold a staff meeting, which is an open forum to talk about anything you’d like.
  • We’ll review the status of all projects together, to ensure we’re all on track.

Free food!

  • Once a month, we all get together to catch up, and Skidmutro will treat you to lunch.

Summertime early Fridays

  • From June through August, we close the office around 3pm on Fridays, workload permitting.